Damfino is a collaboration between Matt Greco & Chris Esposito.

Damfino is an artistic collaboration that takes interest in objects made as much by hand as by mind; objects that are tactile as well as intellectual. Damfino primarily works with materials found nearby – culled from city streets and waste bins – materials that have an inherit history yet look conceptually beyond the immediate landscape to suggest larger
connections. We seek to provoke and question the audience through a sense of optimism and inquisitiveness with our brand of ironic fait accompli – and always – with one more chance to get it all wrong.

With a reverence for the slapstick genius of Buster Keaton, in solidarity with the playful inventiveness of the Little Rascals, and with the irony of the Post-Modernists; Damfino’s artistic practice promotes fine-craft, cobbled together, ever on the brink, but always honestly made while maintaining a conceptual and theoretical basis in a post-consumerist world.